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Machining center programming, setup, and operation


Six hours, five minutes of presentation on one CD-rom disk!

Machining center CD-rom course

358 page manual, 90 page workbook, 6 hour CD-rom, and CD jacket (answer book not shown)

CNC machining centers are the most popular types of CNC machine tools used today. Most companies that have any CNC machines have at least one machining center. Unfortunately, companies are finding it more and more difficult to find and hire qualified CNC people. Many are realizing that they must provide extensive training to new hires and provide at least some continuing training to established employees.

But not all companies provide CNC training to their new hires, whether they should or not. And many individuals need to take training matters into their own hands, and do whatever it takes to learn about CNC. But until now, books were about the only training materials an individual could afford.

This courseware makes it possible for companies to train CNC people from scratch. And its priced in a way that individuals can afford. While we assume the student has some basic machining practice experience, the course assumes nothing about their previous CNC skills. Using the proven key concepts approach, this course brings students up to speed gradually ? constantly building upon previously presented information ? and the course stresses the reasons why things are done as importantly as how they?re done. Six of the ten key concepts are most related to programming, and four are related to setup and operation.

The key concepts are futher devided into twenty-four lessons. Lessons range from under five minutes to just over twenty minutes in length (total course presentation time is six hours, five minutes on one CD-rom).

The ten key concepts are broken further into lessons. This lets us consolidate what students must learn at one sitting.

24 Lessons!

  1. Machine configurations
  2. General flow of programming
  3. Visualizing program execution
  4. Understanding program zero
  5. Measuring program zero
  6. The two ways to assign program zero
  7. Introduction to programming words
  8. Preparation for programming
  9. Motion types
  10. Introduction to compensation
  11. Tool length compensation
  12. Cutter radius compensation
  13. Fixture offsets
  14. Introduction to program formatting
  15. The four kinds of program format
  16. Canned cycles
  17. Sub programming techniques
  18. Other special features of programming
  19. Rotary tables
  20. Tasks related to setup and operation
  21. The control and machine panel
  22. The three modes of operation
  23. The key operation procedures
  24. Program verification


All examples are shown in the format for the most popular control in the industry ? the Fanuc control. Note that many control manufacturers claim to be Fanuc-compatible.

When the full course is purchased, this courseware includes everything your people need to learn CNC machining center programming setup, and operation - and it can be used over and over again to teach others in your company about CNC turning center usage.

Start-up page:
Startup page for Machining Center CD-rom course

Why Microsoft PowerPoint?

All presentations have been developed using Microsoft PowerPoint, which is the industry standard for computer generated presentations. We use the freely distributed PowerPoint Viewer to display all presentations. PowerPoint Viewer is included.

System requirements: You must have a multimedia computer with Windows 98 or above and a minimum of 64 megs of internal memory to run the courseware.

Full Course Includes:

  • Presented by Mike Lynch
  • Courseware on 1 CD-ROM disk
  • 6 hours, 5 minutes of presentation
  • 24 lessons
  • 358 Page Tutorial Manual
  • Workbook containing 24 exercises and 11 programming activities
  • Answer book
  • Free phone assistance

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