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Programmable Microstepping Driver 7.0 Amp 80 VDC


Programmable Microstepping Driver 7.0 Amp 80 VDC

The 7080i is a programmable stepper motor driver suitable for a wide range of motion control applications.  It includes a sophisticated controller integrated with a 560 watt microstepping amplifier.

The 7080i includes Applied Motion's easy to use windows software for rapid development of stand alone motor control programs.  The 7080i can also be commanded in real time from a host PC or PLC, using Applied Motion's Si (TM) Command Language.

For multi-axis applications, up to eight Applied Motion Si(TM) drives (stepper or servo) can be networked using a single SiNet(TM) hub.

The 7080i includes 8 programmable inputs for triggering, branching, position sensing and end of travel detection.  3 optically isolated programmable outputs can send signals to other electronic devices and activate relays.

The 7080i is a PC board mountedon an aluminum angle heat transfer chassis.  Drive dimensions are 2" X 3" X 6".


  • Programmable for stand alone operation with Applied Motion's easy to use Si(TM) Programmer (for Windows)
  • Can be operated in real time from a host PC or PLC
  • DC bus voltage 24 - 80 VDC motor supply (including ripple)
  • Software selectable 0.8 - 7.0 amps/phase
  • Software selectable idle current reduction 0%, 25%, 50% or 100%
  • 8 user programmable inputs
  • 3 optically isolated 24VDC outputs
  • Short circuit and over temperature protection
  • Communications via RS232
  • 560 watts of usable power
  • Screw terminal connector blocks for motor and power connections
  • MOSFET dual H-Bridge, inaudible PWM amplifier
  • Operional operator terminal (MMI) either standard or backlit
  • CE Compliant

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