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BobWire V19


Wire Software

BobWIRE 19 is a very easy CAD/CAM system to use for programming 2 & 4 Axis parts with your Wire EDM. The software screens are simple and allow you to either import your file or draw the profiles that you want to cut. Full 4 axis programming is available and built right into the CAM for easy NC Code generation and output to your EDM Machine. The feature comparison below will provide you with a complete list of features.
You will also be relieved to know that there are NO MAINTENANCE FEES!

    File Import

  • DXF Import
  • IGES Import
  • 2D & 3D Drawing & Editing
  • 2D & 3D Solid Modeling
  • Part Dimensioning & Print Making
  • Drive Curves through Points
  • Easy Drawing Toolboxe
  • Geometry Verification

    Toolpath Creation
  • 2D Open Shape Profiles
  • 2D Closed Shape Profiles
  • Automatic Wire approach for 2D Profiles
  • Automatic Wire approach for 3D/4-Axis Geometry
  • Slugless Pocket Style Wire Toolpath
  • Clean Circle Toolpath
  • 4-Axis Tapered Wall Toolpath
  • Gear Creation & Profile Toolpath
  • 4-Axis Wire Programming
  • 2D Wire Toolpath Simulation
  • Automatic Wire Approach/Depart

  • Automatic Wire Compensation
  • Cutting Condition Tables
  • Customizable CAM Menus
  • Debur & Glue Stop Options
  • Auto Radial Approach/Depart

    CAM & Communications
  • RS 232 Communications
  • DNC Communications
  • Post Processor Configurations
  • Post Processor Library
  • G-Code Editor

  • Solid NC Verification/Part Simulation
  • 2D NC-Code Backplot
  • Visual Wire Approach

  • Complete Training Manual
  • Training Seminars ? On Location or at BobCAD's International Training School. Call 877-262-2231 or 727-442-3554 for availability and scheduling.
  • Online Training Coming Soon

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