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Generation3 - 3 Axis motion controller

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Generation3 - 3 Axis Motion Controller

The Generation3 Motion Control System is a fully assembled and tested controller capable of driving motors up to 8 amps per axis.  The cabinet features  600 VA of power supply capability, 3 microstepping stepper motor drivers, 8 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs.

The Generation3 Motion Control Cabinet was designed to get your machine up and running with minimal effort. When coupled with any of the standard CNC software packages such as Mach3 CNC, Mach4 CNC or LinuxCNC, you have an inexpensive, versatile motion control solution that will provide you with excellent performance for the dollar.

Unlike some of our competitors' systems, the power supplies in the Generation3 controllers are sized to provide more than 20 AMPERES of current continuously, making it possible to run high power motors on all three axes of motion.

The ease of installation and setup makes the Generation3 controller the right choice for the motion control novice. The high power capability makes the Generation3 Controller the right choice for the experienced professional. Simply hook up the wires to the motors, plug in the PC interface cable, and, configure the software according to the manual. After that, start using your machine.

Stepper3 LLC's Generation3 controllers provide the user with the following benefits:


  • Affordable - Costs less than most comparable systems, 
  • Reliable - New design incorporates reliability enhancements acquired through over a decade of industry experience 
  • Rugged - Constructed in a NEMA 12 steel enclosure to stand up to even the toughest of environments 
  • Flexible - With eight digital inputs and 4 digital outputs allow for easy adaptation to most user requirements  
  • Customizable - Customizable to OEM Requirements 
  • Enviromentally Friendly - Manufactured using only RoHS compliant components 


  • Ready to Operate 
  • Three Axes - High Power Microstepping Stepper Motor Drivers
  • Up to eight digital inputs for limit switches, home switches, etc.
  • Up to four digital outputs for flood, mist or spindle control
  • Anti-resonance and dampening for optimum motor performance
  • Tested with Mach3 CNC, Mach4 CNC, and LinuxCNC software
  • Idle current setback selectable to 90% or 50%
  • 10 foot length motor cables (included)


  • NEMA 12 Enclosure
  • 120 Volt AC Operation
  • 600 VA of Continuous DC Power Available
  • Capable of driving up to 3 Axes up to 8A motor on each Axis
  • Relay Outputs capable of 5 AMPS

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