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Ether-Mach Motion Controller WITH Mach4 CNC Hobby


Order your Ether-Mach motion controller and Mach4 CNC Hobby together and save $50 over ordering them separately.

The team at Stepper3 LLC is excited to announce the release of the new Ether-Mach Motion Controller for Mach4 CNC. This cutting-edge controller features a 32 bit microcontroller and a 100 MBPS ethernet interface coupled to a Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA, which work together in harmony to produce smooth, crisp motion when coupled with Artsoft's Mach4 CNC software.

Just connect the Ether-Mach controller to your Mach4 CNC computer using any CAT5, 5E or CAT6 Ethernet cable, and install the Ether-Mach plug-in. Follow the easy setup instructions, and you will be up and running. Integrated support of homing, probing, MPG, and PWM spindle control make this new controller a must have for almost any machine control application.

The Ether-Mach controller offers up to twelve axes of step/direction motion (six coordinated) and up to 15 Digital Inputs and 36 Digital Outputs. All IO is software configurable via the Ether-Mach's Mach4 plug-in. Additionally, the controller supports “On the Fly” firmware upgrades, to allow for easy upgrades in the field should feature or firmware upgrades become available.

Included with your purchase:

1) Ether-Mach motion control Board for Mach4 CNC

2) One Mach4 CNC Hobby License

3) One 10 ft CAT5 ethernet cable

4) One IDC to DB25 female ribbon cable

5) Software plug-in for Mach4 CNC

You can even download the STL files for the 3d printable case for your Mach4 motion controller from

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